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"Romeiros~Pilgrims" is a contemporary look on the people making Alto Minho in Portugal, a permanent place for party. A romance made of photos, written with an ironic and colourful tone, showing us the age-old traditions in contact with the future, a strong debate between the profane and the sacred. A work by Paulo Alegria in 200 photographies, with texts by Raul Pereira.
Paulo Alegria

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Text: Raul Pereira
Revision: Maria Viana & Catarina Pereira
Translation: Rui Cordeiro da Silva
Layout Design: ACIDesign
Press: CROJ Artes Gráficas
Publisher: CMVCAS
Circulation: 3000 copies
(1st edition 08/2010)
Dimensions: 280x200x26mm
Preço: € 20,00

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